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Google by the numbers: Amazing Google stats and facts

The search engine is the most common tool of internet usage after the browser itself, and we can’t imagine our internet lives without it — just like we can’t imagine our lives without the internet. It has become the core of web browsing as we know it, and it’s nested inside virtually every website. Search […]

Mind-Blowing Internet Stats and Fun Facts, 2018

The internet is where search engines crawl and all the SEO action takes place. It’s the home of fails, trolls, piracy, memes and insurmountable amounts of knowledge. It’s a place where miracles and insane coincidences can happen. It’s the black swan that transformed the world as we know it and the tool that connects all […]

How to tailor SEO ranking reports for any type of client

Sending search engine ranking reports to clients is a fundamental part of being a professional SEO expert, and it’s also an important part of maintaining positive, healthy customer relationships. Informing your clients with regular reports shows your clients the progress that’s been made and that their trust and money are being well directed. Instead of […]

Manage your SEO campaigns like never before with PRT’s TermNotes feature

An average SEO or SEM campaign might require you to track hundreds of different terms, even if you’re only promoting a few dozen keywords. This is because Google’s personalization algorithms make every webpage rank differently, depending on search conditions for any given keyword. These conditions are dominantly location-based and platform-based. Each person’s search results are […]

The SEO ranking data your SERP tracker must show you in 2018

A data table is the most important organizational property of a rank tracker. It adds visual structure to all the ranking data, and it shows you what you work so hard to achieve – your SEO progress and conquest of the SERP. It needs to be easy to read, look visually pleasant (preferably with a […]

Introducing PRT’s new Quick Glance Trend feature

One of the best combos to learn in boxing is the one-two punch: it’s fast, stunning, and if done correctly, it can earn you points and awe your opponent. This article is about the one-two-punch version of SEO ranking data presentation – Pro Rank Tracker’s new Quick Glance Trend column. Show, Don’t Tell A known […]

Why are some SERP trackers more precise than others?

We always mention that SERP trackers are a far more accurate, reliable and efficient way to track your ranks than doing **manual rank checking, and that is true, but why are some SERP trackers more reliable than others? Today, we will go further into the inner mechanisms of how SERP trackers operate and reveal the […]

Why Google’s latest change is another nail in the coffin for manual rank checking

We’ve mentioned on numerous occasions that manual rank checking is less reliable, less effective and less accurate than using a good SERP tracker, and it’s actually useless for certain types of rank tracking. But Google’s recent change further solidifies the ineffectiveness and unreliability of manual rank checking for just about anyone. Although a self-serving statement, […]