The 3 Second Bounce: How Webpage Loading Speed Impacts SEO and Revenue

Last week we discussed the issue of speed and latency in tech. How everything is getting faster and faster and how tech companies race to reach zero-latency in their services. Today we will focus on latency in webpage loading speeds, and more specifically, since this is an SEO blog, how it impacts SEO and bounce […]

The Need For Speed and the Decline of Patience

Remember the days when connecting to the internet sounded like a fax machine was giving birth to a smaller and even more obnoxious fax machine? Good times. Not to mention, the telephone line was also hijacked while you were online searching for that dancing baby gif on Ebaum’s World. The pace of life is increasing […]

It’s 2019. Why in the World Does Clickbait Still Work?

We all know the trick, we’ve seen it a million times, most of us are very aware of fake news, and yet clickbait remains. Worse yet, even while being fully aware of the entire charade, it still somehow manages to rope us in and works on even the shrewdest of consumers. I mean, sure, that […]

How Google Business reviews influence your local search engine ranks

One of the major benefits of having your business listed in Google’s business results is that they can show user reviews. Reviews can be a great way to give your business a boost and acquire actual customers. A person that is actively checking out reviews, is probably already interested in purchasing that product or service, […]

SERPs up! See the ENTIRE Top 100 SERPs for any keyword on all major search engines

You are about to discover something truly amazing today.   A revolutionary NEW way to monitor your websites and your competitors, that will elevate your SEO strategies to the next level and beyond.   But before we get to the how, and of course – how much, you should know that this feature is currently […]

How to Fall for Fake Reviews and Why You Should Never Resort to Using Them

This one starts with me being very naive—more naive than I had perceived, anyway.   I wasn’t born yesterday (as far as I know, since our memories are just data by the end of the day), and let’s just say I’ve lost some money over the years on consumer mistakes. I may have purchased some […]

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