Why Google’s latest change is another nail in the coffin for manual rank checking

We’ve mentioned on numerous occasions that manual rank checking is less reliable, less effective and less accurate than using a good SERP tracker, and it’s actually useless for certain types of rank tracking. But Google’s recent change further solidifies the ineffectiveness and unreliability of manual rank checking for just about anyone. Although a self-serving statement, […]

4 sure-fire ways to appear more established using PRT’s unique blend of features

If there’s anything we’ve learned from people’s perception of businesses and brands it’s that looking professional and established matters. It may not be the only factor for success, but it’s a factor nonetheless. You can be the highest quality service provider at something but still, be utterly ignored if your image and the first impression […]

The most accurate way to SERP track in 2018

It’s 1997 — Google is just a fledgling search engine, a mere tadpole battling huge toads like Yahoo! and AOL, and it’ll be a few more years yet before everything changes as we know it. SEO was a simple sport in those times. You would spam a few keywords in the Meta sections of your […]