Amazon’s A9 algorithm SEO guide (Part 3): Tracking your product ranks and reporting

In part 3, we will finish our essential Amazon SEO guide and will show you the various (and much needed) ranking data you can get with Pro Rank Tracker’s technology. Amazon’s A9 algorithm SEO guide (Part 1): Internal optimization  Amazon’s A9 algorithm SEO guide (Part 2): External optimization and product management  While Amazon provides detailed […]

Cool YouTube stats & facts for 2020

For YouTube’s 15thanniversary, we decided to cover some current stats about the biggest video search engine on the planet. How it started, what it is today, and where it might be headed. One of the big questions around video marketing and YouTube in general – is it worth the effort, or did you miss the […]

Google January updates are big, but we are ready! Here are the latest details on how to track the new Snippet positions.

Nothing throws a wrench into SEO mechanics better than a broad Google core algo update, such as the one we all experienced come 2020. Not just for SEO pros but various SEO tools as well. In case you are already up to date with all the latest details, and just want to know how to […]

Amazon’s A9 algorithm SEO guide (Part 2): External optimization and product management

If you’ve been reading our blog, last week we covered the first part of our Amazon optimization guide. It was about optimizing from within Amazon and improving your odds internally. Today we will go over the things you can do to drive traffic to your products from external sources, and thereby influencing your Amazon product […]

Amazon’s A9 algorithm SEO guide (Part 1): Internal optimization

It doesn’t matter if you have a small Shopify website or a huge eCommerce website, chances are you either market your products on Amazon as well or at least considered it at some point. And for a very good reason since Amazon is the biggest search engine for eCommerce. Amazon has evolved from selling books […]

SEO common mistakes: Canonical tag and 301 redirect

One of the most common mistakes in SEO is having a flawed meta content strategy by either misusing or neglecting the canonical tag. As a result, duplicate content for example on your website might hinder your organic growth. There are many free SEO guides and lore to be found, but they don’t always mention the […]

Does your website suffer from cannibalization?

Cannibalization. A horrid human practice prevalent during certain times of historic famine, zombie outbreaks and through tribal ritual. Also a perfectly natural act preformed by certain animal species. But in 2019, something else entirely seems to practice this deplorable act as well – your keywords! It all started on a regular day. Your keywords were […]

Rankitor: A powerful and light SERP tracker that will SAVE you money

We are proud to announce our child: Rankitor. A minimalist and light, yet powerful SERP tracker designed for smaller more modest use cases, with the simplest most user-friendly UI you will find. With plans starting as low as USD $4.5 a month! And it’s powered by the company behind Pro Rank Tracker. Pro Rank Tracker […]

Cool voice stats and facts for SEO in 2019 and beyond

If you’ve been following our blog, you know we mention voice search and the importance of including voice search in your SEO strategy. But what are the stats and data that back up the importance and prevalence of voice search? Where is it now and where is it headed? Let’s break down some of the […]

CMS Showdown part 4: Shopify Review

This unique cloud-based CMS is designed specifically for eCommerce and slowly but surely it climbs the ladder of usage to challenge even WooCommerce (WordPress) for dominance in eCommerce-oriented platforms. Shopify did for eCommerce what WP did for blogging and Wix for landing pages – it has made it very possible for people cut down on […]